Here you will find all important informations about the installation and configuration for TSplus RemoteWork

Requirements on the “Server” site

  • Connection Broker System – The “Connection Broker” can be installed on any Windows system (server or workstation in our Company Network)
  • The “Connection Broker” is usually installed nearby your ISP’s Router. A NAT (Network Address Translation) rule will redirect the HTTP and/or the HTTPS ports  (default value is port 80/443) from the external IP to the LAN IP of your “Connection Broker”. Doing so, your “Connection Broker” is the only system exposed to Internet.
  • For your remote access from Internet, you will use your fix IP address to access your TSplus Remote Work Connection Broker.  However, if you do not have such fix address, you can use a dynamic DNS service such as or

Requirements on the “Home Office Client” site

  • Internet Connection
  • any available Browser

Install TSplus RemoteWork

The installation process is easy,and configuration is straight forward. Just run Setup-TSplus RemoteWork.exe program on the system you decided to use as the Connection Broker.

Follow the simple installation Setup program and did Restart your Server after finish the Setup process to confihure out your propper settings.

RemoteWork Admin Tool

Start the Admin Tool from TSplus RemoteWork by click on the Desktop icon.

All you need to know is the Windows logon and the LAN IP address of each of your office Workstations. The trial version of TS Remote Work enable you to declare 5 workstations. Click on Manage Workstation and you are going to enter the proper setting for each user’s workstation.

Click on Add and enter a friendly Workstation name and it’s IP address. Of course, all of your users workstations and the “Connection Broker” must have a fixed IP addres.

(see the red Button right side in the picture)

Add Workstations & assign to User

  • In the case of John, her PC’s IP address is and add to the Connection Broker
  • Your 5 workstations (for example) setting done now. Your declared 5 PCs.
  • It’s time now to assign “one workstation” to “one user”. Let’s select John workstation and click on Add in Users right side
  • For the John workstation, the Windows login on this PC will be “John”.
  • You can also add more as only one User to any Workstation. Any User create his own remote Session on the single Workstation
  • You can use the Active Directory login if you are using the AD for your PC’s login.
  • The John workstation is all set now and ready to go.

Last action to be done

On each of the 5 users workstation assigned in the Connection Broker, download and run the client setup program. It is a small program. You can even ask each of your user to do it themselves. The download link is

Where is the IP address of your TSplus Remote Work Connection Broker. After this action, you are all set. Enjoy and use the freedom.

Connect the Company Workstation from home

If the user leaves the office with a work not completed and with an open session on his workstation, TSplus Remote Work will automatically capture his Desktop when he will start working from home.

More, the user can print on his home printer. To do so, he just have to select the Universal Printer. The Universal Printer turns each of John‘s print in to a PDF file. This PDF is save by his web browser. John can display, print or save this PDF printfile on his Home-PC.